We have three League Cup competitions this season, which is a SENIOR CUP for all teams in the League, a CHALLENGE CUP for all teams in the Premier Division & Division One, and a JUNIOR CUP for all teams in Divisions Two & Three. The Senior and Junior Cup draws were made live on our Facebook page on Thursday 6th September and they can still be viewed there. The Challenge Cup draw will be made at a later date. If you are on Facebook, please visit the page at the following
We will have the draws online shortly on Full-Time linked from the Cup Draws page on this website.


The League Constitution for Season 2018-2019 can be found here on the League Tables page.
We have 17 new teams joining the League for this season with only 5 departing, so an extra division has now been created. Unfortunately the Veterans Division has lost a lot of teams due to the Southern Amateur League (from which they have AFA-affiliation links to) forming their own Veterans Division this season. The three remaining Veterans teams (Anatolians, Continental 58 and Brotherhood) have now been placed in Divisions 2 & 3 for this season and will be allowed to play Under-35’s in their matches.
The season started on Sunday 2nd September with just two matches played due to the unavailability of pitches, but there will be a full fixture list on Sunday 9th September and every Sunday thereafter (apart from the usual two-week Christmas break).


We have a new-look League Management Committee this season with David Cross being voted in as Chairman, Vince Philpot returning as Fixture Secretary and Alex Clayton coming on board as Assistant General Secretary, while two new Club Representatives in Paul Johnson & Sophie Principato have also joined us. Contact details for all Committee members can be found on the League Officers page.
We would like to thank our retiring League Officers Trevor Taylor (ex-Chairman) and former Referees Secretary Dave Thomas for their valuable service to the League over the years and for the advice and help given to those who have replaced them in their roles.


With so many new teams joining the League this season and a number of new Club Secretaries being appointed for existing member clubs, it is essential that the guidelines laid out under the Club Secretary’s Checklist are referred to on the League Information Page. In addition to that checklist, we will be attaching the full League rules & regulations from the League handbook to the downloads section as soon as we have them formulated. We will also have a WhatsApp Group for Club Secretaries where we can keep them informed, as well as corresponding by e-mail in the usual manner.


This season under our new Chairman, we will be actively looking to improve our social media output in an effort to continue attracting new clubs and to encourage sponsorship. This is still a work in progress, but we hope to dramatically increase publicity and awareness of our League, particularly in displaying all team line-ups & goalscorers from every match and encouraging more interaction on Twitter & Facebook. We now have far more of our clubs than ever before with their own Twitter accounts, and by doing so, we as a League can help publicise those accounts and help clubs survive. However, all clubs need to be aware that abusive comments made on social media can lead to clubs being severely dealt with by their affiliated County Football Associations, so please ensure that your players do not get you into trouble. Links to both our Twitter and Facebook accounts can be found on the Home Page of this website.


We are very pleased to announce that we have secured the services of a large number of new Referees to officiate in our League this season, mainly through the help of our social media links. Most of these Referees will be taking charge for the first time in our League this coming Sunday (9th September) and we hope that our member clubs will make them feel welcome and give them the respect they deserve. Remember, refereeing is a tough job, and without them you would not have a game !
New Referees are still welcome to join us this season. Please follow the instructions on the Referees Page.

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